Are You Unknowingly Feeding Sunscreen Chemicals to Your Child?

If you Are Pregnant or Nursing and Using Chemical Sunscreen, It's Likely.

You wouldn't knowingly feed over-the-counter drugs to your baby. Unfortunately, that's exactly what can occur when you apply sunscreen containing chemical active ingredients while pregnant or nursing.

Two separate studies by Margaret Schlumpf and her team at the University of Zurich in Switzerland confirmed the existence of 5 different sunscreen chemical active ingredients in the breast milk of the women tested.

The FDA classify's chemical active ingredients as over-the-counter-drugs, and since studies have shown that what you put on your skin enters your into your body, chemical sunscreens should be the last thing you use while pregnant or nursing. 

You can use all MelanSol® skin care products with confidence while pregnant or nursing because they are independently certified chemical free by the Natural Products Association. The NPA Green Seal certifies all MelanSol® formulas.

To see the 2008 Breat Milk Study, click Here