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Date Created: 09/13/2013    Replies: 0

Sunburn surely isn't something you expect to experience. We all think we are intelligent enough to get out of the sun before we do, right? The truth is, because sometimes we aren't that smart, we get sunburned. The question then becomes, what's the best way to get rid it?

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Date Created: 09/10/2013    Replies: 0

When you desire to buy a great sunscreen for your face, the staggering selection in your local store can often lead to confusion and paralysis. If you dread the experience of buying sunscreen and want a healthier approach to sun care, certified natural sunscreens are the best option. These sunscreens have healthier ingredients, provide hassle free protection, and truly

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Date Created: 09/05/2013    Replies: 0

According to the Environmental Working Group, a baby already has over 200 chemicals coursing through its veins when it is born. Chemicals derived from it’s mother’s exposure to airborne pollutants (petrochemicals, cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, sprays that contain chemicals, air fresheners, sunscreen sprays, etc.), cosmetics, skin and body care products

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Date Created: 08/29/2013    Replies: 0

The fastest advancing segment of the sunscreen market is chemical free or non-toxic sunscreen. Although healthier sunscreens represent a smaller collection of products, produced by smaller manufacturers with fewer funds

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Date Created: 08/28/2013    Replies: 0

Thousands of people are dumping their chemical sunscreen in favor of those that are chemical free or all natural. In order to understand why, and find the best natural sunscreen, you'll need to have a clear understanding of sunscreen basics and how chemical and physical sunscreen active ingredients differ.

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