Knowledge is Power


Want to know the facts about traditional sunscreens-why they don't do what you think they do and how they are doing your skin more harm than good? Would you like to know your personal Sun Protection Factor (SPF)? Did you know that sunscreen can compromise your immune system? Want to know the secret to preventing sunburn and early skin aging, while also maintaining healthy skin?

Sun Care Decoded, the new eBook by Michael J.Russ, with Peter Zahner, delivers everything you need to know about sun care in a simple question and answer format that is easy to read and understand. All you have to do is buy, download and take action.

You will learn:

How to determine your skin's tolerance for sunlight.

The truth about the SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

Sunscreen's Impact on Your Body's Production of Vitamin D

What Antioxidants are and Why They are Crucial to Your the Health of Your Skin

What Sunscreen is and the Risks Associated With Using it.

How Sunscreen Works and Which Ones Aren't as Healthy as You Might Think

And Much, Much More...

Make an investment in the health of your skin by getting your copy of Sun Care Decoded.