Would you like a better understanding of sun care do's and don'ts,chemical sunscreen,certified natural sunscreen,sunscreen risks,vitamin D,natural antioxidants,and the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) ?

Sun Care Decoded ,is a new eBook that answers questions you didn't know to ask,all for only .99 cents.
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MelanSol® helps fight hunger! A portion of every sale is donated to The Bay Area Food Bank to provide food for hungry children, struggling families, and seniors in need. We also take great pride in supporting the Gabby Wild Foundation via 1% For The Planet.

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Baby Moisturizer

Baby Moisturizer

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MelanSol Moisturizer

MelanSol Moisturizer

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MelanSol SPF-30

MelanSol SPF-30

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Sunburn Relief Gel

Sunburn Relief Gel

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MelanSol® All Natural Sunscreen- powerful, healthy & safe.


Sun Care Factoid or Q & A

Taken from the eBook Sun Care Decoded: Answers to Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

Factoid: The FDA does not actually approve or disapprove of a sunscreen's ingredients and makes no determination as to a sunscreen's overall safety or ability to protect your skin. This includes the additional inactive ingredients that make up the remaining ingredients in the formula's the emulsifiers, stabilizers, colors, fragrances, preservatives, etc. The FDA only outlines the rules and regulations that must be followed in order to make an FDA-compliant sunscreen. Each country has separate rules and regulations for sunscreen compliance.

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MelanSol® Fights Hunger!

A Portion of Each Sale of MelanSol® Helps Provide Food For Hungry Children, Families, and Seniors.

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Concerned About The Chemicals in Traditional Sunscreen?

Irritated skin, toxins in your body, burning eyes, and allergies are all byproducts of chemical sunscreen. MelanSol® avoids these issues.

Should Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers Use Traditional Sunscreen?

Absolutely not!

Chemical active ingredients, synthetic preservatives, colors, and fragrances used in traditional sunscreens are toxic. What every pregnant and expecting Mom should know.

Which MelanSol®Sunscreen is Right For You?
The One that Fits Your Purpose and Your Skin Tone.

For protection during extreme sun exposure begin with our "Skin Type" chart. Sunscreen shouldn't be "one-size-fits-all." Sun protection should be selected based upon your skin tone and the purpose you want to use it for. For instance,...


I LOVE MelanSol®! As a 48 year old actress, the health of my skin is important to me, but as a mother of an active 6 year old, I can't stay out of the sun! ...And your moisturizer is by far the best after sun care product I have ever used, in fact, I would like to bathe in it! I use it under my makeup and my makeup actually looks better, smoother, and not greasy.

- Julie Caitlin Brown, Actor/Writer/Producer

I love MelanSol! It's so nice to find a product that is effective, protects reefs and our delicate ocean environment, as well as my granddaughter's delicate skin. I can feel confident that my whole family can use it and continue to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii without fear of sun damage. It's also an excellent moisturizer. The search has ended for a perfect chemical free sunscreen.

--Jill Ireland, Artist - Maui, Hawaii http://www.jillirelandart.com

I have very fair skin & after years of living in the tropics, I have a lot of skin damage. I wish they had this sunscreen 20 years ago. I have been using this product for 6 months & it has done wonders for my skin. It is repairing a lot of the damaged areas. Also, the moisturizer is the best ever for very dry skin. Thank you for improving my aging skin.

--Dolores Faulkner (Ms. Faulkner has not been compensated in any way for her comments)

When you feed your skin nourishing ingredients, it shows its gratitude by looking its best.

--Michael J. Russ, Founder of Puresunscreen.com

I am really enjoying the sunscreen. I think it is actually making my skin look cleaner and healthier as well as younger. Some of the faint lines I have do not show when I am not making an expression now. The weather here has just started to break and the sun is really getting strong, so I am looking forward to continue using this product on a daily basis.

--Chris A.

Best Sunscreen for Beach and Sport for 2011

- EWG.org